Saturday, 27 August 2016

No. 5

OUTFIT OF THE DAY Clearly I went a little (more like a lot) overboard with the same pose. It was actually rather funny looking through the photos and noticing a pattern. I guess I'll have to practice some different poses because I think we can agree that it looks quite ridiculous with the exact same pose in 6 out of 8 photos. But oh well.

Apart from the repetitive pose, I actually really like how these photos came out. I think we found the perfect location for the outfit that I wore so that was quite fortunate. And can I just say; this bomber jacket is the bomb! I bought it not too long ago and I'm already obsessed, I just wanna wear it even if it's too hot to wear a jacket. I have a feeling it's gonna be a stable in my autumn wardrobe and I love how it looks paired with my Chanel bag. I'M IN LOVE!

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