Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Ballerina Dreams

NEW IN One day I was looking through the entire Asos website, as one so ever often does, and I came across these beautiful ballerina shoes. They are a gorgeous shade of muted pink with a peachy undertone, a satin finish and ribbons that tie around your ankles which allows you to be creative. They've got a small enough heel to give you that slight elevation that makes you feel bit more feminine but still be comfortable. To me they look a lot more expensive than they actually were.

They are super girly but I plan on pairing them with ripped jeans and other edgy pieces to achieve a really nice mixture of feminine and raw elements.

I am gonna include these lovely shoes in a haul that I'm filming as soon as I get my nails done (they are looking an absolute mess right now) so keep an eye out for that! I simply couldn't wait to show you guys these. I think they're insanely pretty!

Other than that, I just wanna say thanks to my boyfriend for getting me these. He's been spoiling me rotten lately and I do really love these shoes! So thank you honey x

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