Thursday, 1 September 2016

LV Addict

NEW IN Ever since I got my very first Louis Vuitton item almost one year ago, my collection has been growing rapidly. Getting my Louis Vuitton wallet sparked something that has now developed into what seems like an addiction. And an expensive one at it! My collection now consists of a wallet, two handbags and my two latest purchases; a bracelet and a key holder. These latest acquisitions might be minor items but I love them to pieces.

I have been on the hunt for the bracelet since December but wherever I went, it was sold out in my size. A few weeks ago, luck was finally on my side and I was able to get it in Hamburg (when I went to Chanel to exchange my bag.) I like how small and subtle it is and even with the monogram it doesn't scream Louis Vuitton to me which makes it perfect for everyday use.

The other item was rather hard to come by as well, but only because of the interior, the Rose Ballerine colour. Luckily the Copenhagen store was able to track it down for me and ship it to the other end of the country.
When I bought my Chanel bag, I knew I wanted to get a key holder to avoid my keys leaving scratches on the inside of the bag. I didn't want to splurge on a Chanel one so I went with a less crazy expensive one and I must say I'm thrilled with my choice. I love Louis Vuitton and I absolutely adore the light pink colour. It's a perfect match!


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